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Jewellery Information

Gold Jewelry

Currently we sell gold jewelry made in 22K and diamond jewelry in 18K carat gold. The purity of the jewelry is mentioned along with the product descriptions in the respective product pages.

All our products are hallmarked. Hallmark is the assurance of the purity of product recognized by The Government of India. Hallmarking certifies that the jewelry conforms to National/International Standards of Purity. In India, the BIS, i.e., Bureau of Indian Standards undertakes certification of purity of gold jewelry in accordance with Indian Standards IS:1417 Grades of Gold & Gold Alloys.

Every hallmarked jewelry consists of the BIS logo, fineness number - karatage and mark of the BIS recognized assaying and hallmarking centre.

 Karat Hallmarked Purity
 (Fineness Number)
 22k  916
 18k 750