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Jewel Plus Scheme


THE SCHEME : The Scheme enables members to save by installments and invest the accrued amount to buy jewellery / Artifacts that are available for sale from us or from our designated centers. Person willing to join the scheme will be required to fill up a prescribed form and will give one address proof and one passport size photograph.

MODE OF WORKING OF THE SCHEME : There will be multiple Groups viz , Rs 500,Rs 1000,Rs 2000 and multiple of Rs 500 .To join the scheme a person has to choose one Group and will have to subscribe fixed amount every month, within 20th of the month if paid by cheque or cash or online according to the group chosen by him/her in any one of the following manners.

1,000/- 12 Months 12,000/- 1,000/- 13,000/-(after 12th month)
1,000/- 18 Months 18,000/- 1,500/- 19,500/-(after 18th month)
1,000/- 24 Months 24,000/- 2,000/- 26,000/-(after 24th month)
1,000/- 36 Months 36,000/- 3,000/- 39,000/-(after 36th month)

On maturity ,if there is no defaults or no lapses in the instalments ,the member will be permitted to purchase available jewellery of his/her choice, from our showroom or online against the maturity value inclusive of above Incentive.

Under no circumstances cash refund will be made by us at any point of time against this scheme.

PAYMENT OF MONTHLY INSTALMENTS : Payment of monthly subscriptions should be made within 1st to 20th of the month. Payment may be made by CASH,DEMAND DRAFT or CHEQUE or online. Demand Drafts and Cheques should be made in favour of’ VISHAL JEWELLERS’ .we have also started ONLINE Service.

DEFAULTS : According to the sceme , a member will becopome eligible to the terminal benefit only after they have paid monthly subscriptions continuously for 12 months / 18 months / 24 months/ 36 months. Therefore defaulting members would become eligible for the terminal benefit after they have paid all the instalments. In other words their eligibility will get postponed by the number of months they have defaulted.

DISCONTINUANCE : A member in the scheme , who desires to discontinue during the pendency of the scheme will be allowed to take jewellery only for the amount subscriped by him/her after one month from the date of the last payment. A discontinued member will not be eligible for Terminal Benefit/ Assured Special Discount . Discontinuation of membership will be allowed against the written request by the member only and subject to Photo ID Proof & Signature Verfication. Pre-closer process will be take atleast two working days. Customers are requested to bear with us In case of death of a Customer there will be no further transaction in the said A/C. Nominee is requested to contact us immediately.

PASS BOOK : A member will be supplied with a Pass Book on payment of first instalment Subsequent entries in the pass book will only by made provided he/she has properly filled up the prescribed form and submitted the relevant documents. Members should ensure that all payments made by them are correctly entered in the Pass book. Any discrepancy in the entries should immediately be brought to our notice. Presentation of this Pass Book is mandatory at the time of purchase of Jewellery/Artifacts under this scheme. In case of loss of Pass Book , a DUPLICATE may be issued only after submission of certified copy of the FIR with the concerned Police Station and a request letter from the member of the scheme subject to Signature verification.

If the subscriber looses the original Pass Book then a duplicate pass book will be issued on a payment of Rs. 150/- and on maturity a minimum of 24 working hours will bw required to verify before giving credit on sale against all duplicate Pass Book.

REDEMPTION : The account can be redeemed only on production of Original Pass Book. After 10th of 13th / 19th / 25th / 37th months for the Purchase of Jewellery / Artifacts only. Under any circumstances cash refund is not allowed.

TAXES & DUTIES : Sales Bills under this scheme shall be raised in the Name of the Member of the scheme.Expections to this can be made at the discretion of the management , provided the member is personally present at the time of purchase and authorizes in writing under his/her signature. Taxes and duties will be charged at the rates applicable on the day of purchase as imposed by the Govt. from the time to time.